At Mouthworks our speech pathologists specialise in supporting children and adults with a range of communication and swallowing difficulties including speech therapy activities


Our qualified speech pathologists work with people of all ages to improve their abilities and to instil a level of confidence. Our experienced speech therapists specialise in studying, assessing and treating a variety of conditions, including:
Through individual therapy, we use a range of techniques (such as role-playing and scripts) to help children improve their social skills. It is often the case that we just need to hear from a person of trust that how we sound when we speak is acceptable and normal. Our caring team can help build speech technique and improve self-confidence.
MouthWorks speech therapists use a variety of techniques similar to Camperdown and Smooth Speech, to improve speech fluency. These methods are also known as speech restructuring treatments and have been used effectively for many years to control stuttering.
MouthWorks speech therapists can provide therapy to treat vocal strain, nodules and vocal fold paresis by improving speech quality and projection.
MouthWorks speech therapists diagnose and treat literacy difficulties. Our testing is tailored to the person’s age, skill level and individual needs. Speech Therapy can include the use of rhyming words, improving phonemic awareness skills, reading comprehension and decoding difficulties.
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At MouthWorks you have access to a whole team of caring professional Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Music Therapists and Dieticians who work together to ensure sure your child gets the best possible care. Everything you need all under one roof!
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If you or your children suffer from issues like immature swallowing or unusual tongue posture our speech pathology team can provide therapy sessions that exercise and strengthen jaw muscles, retraining the tongue to stay back from the front of the mouth and teach you a new way to swallow and form speech sounds.
Saliva Management
Saliva is necessary for digestion and lubricates the throat to make swallowing easier. It also contains chemicals which help break down food. In the instance where the body produces too much saliva our speech pathology team can provide strategies to combat this.
We offer assessments, recommendations and education on adult swallowing problems – including positioning, diet modification and communication. Mouthworks offers a team approach to your care which includes access to our team of qualified dieticians.

Meet the Mouthworks speech pathology team

Sarah Coupe

Manager- Speech Pathology

Spoorthi Vivek

Allied Health Assistant

Stephanie Jones

Speech Pathologist

Thomas Gauci

Speech Pathologist

Cath Fernando

Speech Pathologist

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