Considerations for Powered Wheelchair or Scooters

Using powered wheelchairs and scooters can allow many people with physical limitations to continue to be independent in every day tasks in the own home and community and help promote socialisation, independent movement and access to the wider world.

Similar to driving a car; powered wheelchair and scooter users are all at risk of accidents and injury.

There is a risk of the device tipping over, or colliding with people, objects or vehicles. In Australia, while assessment and training prior to purchasing such a powered mobility device, is not mandatory, there is an increasing demand for occupational therapy involvement in this area.

Occupational Therapists can provide a functional assessment and review to look at someone’s physical ability, memory, thinking and awareness and the environments in which a scooter or powered wheelchair would be used, in order to make the most informed decision to determine what form of powered mobility device would be most suitable for a person their comfort provide training in using a scooter/ powered wheelchair.

Seek advice and/or assessment from a MouthWorks Occupational Therapist prior to purchasing.

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