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An important part of the MouthWorks team is the Admin Team. This is the team who answers your calls and emails, books your appointments and generally organises everything in the back end, those things that, as a client you may not see when you visit us here at the clinic. We thought it would be a good idea to share with you, our clients, some of the ideas that we have as an Admin Team to make your experience at MouthWorks a better one and one that constantly improves.

Customer Feedback
Without you, we don't have a business. It's as simple as that. Since September 2018 we have instituted a customer feedback program using a number of Customer Surveys to get your thoughts, feedback and opinion on the service you have received at MouthWorks. Whilst the feedback was overwhelmingly position (THANK YOU!) there were, and always are, improvements identified that we have either (a) implemented or (b) are working on. We value your feedback and we act on it.
You don't have to wait to receive a Customer Feedback Survey either, feel free to call, speak to us directly or email us at

Technology Improvements

We want to be able to be contacted how you want to contact us, not to dictate it to you. We have increased our Social Media presence, you can now find us active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. You can message us on all of these platforms, tag us in posts and threads and we will respond.
You can also use a "Lets Chat" box on our Website to chat to us in real time or use Messenger, Email or Phone. We are more reachable than ever, take advantage of it!
We are also excited to announce we will get getting a new Practice Management software, Clinic to Cloud. You fail to see how this is exciting? Wait until you see the Customer APP that this software has! We can communicate with you, send you files (think exercises, home programs) and you can send messages and photos the back to us! We think this is going to vastly improve your experience in dealing with MouthWorks into the future.

Process Improvements
We have been busy mapping, reviewing and refining our internal processes in the clinic to deliver a better customer experience. Adopting the 'Agile' methodology in the clinic has resulted in a streamlining of our processes. Feedback to date has shown this has resulted in happier clients! We will keep updating you with developments at MouthWorks because, if you can believe it, we have some massive things in the Pipeline, all around improving your experience.

Mouthworks are Mobile!

Did you know that the Mouthworks team can come to you? Get in touch to learn more.
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