What you want to do is important to us. Our Occupational Therapy Team are here to help you reach your goals! ​ We are about what YOU want to be able to do, and we are here to get you there! ​


Our occupational therapists focus on promoting fun personalised activities which are outcome driven and proven in practice to improve your functioning in life, help better engagement with people, and reestablishment of health.
Paediatric Occupational Therapy
Mouthworks have occupational therapists who work exclusively with children. Using a play-based approach to therapy, MouthWorks occupational therapists base their sessions on kindness and make them fun and engaging for your child. For children, everything they do in the world involves occupation. We call it play. Whether your child is struggling with handwriting, emotions, completing daily tasks or other types of development delay, our occupational therapists can help with practical strategies that are fun and engaging for young minds.
Girl on fit ball reaching during Occupational Therapy at Mouthworks
MouthWorks Occupational Therapist working with a child on a fit ball
  • Self Care including Showering, Dressing and Toileting
  • Handwriting
  • Managing Routines
  • Sleep
  • Hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills to improve play and school skills
  • Improve focus and social skills
  • Evaluate a child's need for specialised equipment i.e. bathing equipment, dressing devices or communication aids.
  • Help children with behavioural issues maintain positive behaviours in all environments (e.g. instead of hitting others or acting out, using positive ways to deal with anger, such as writing about feelings or participating in a physical activity)
  • Develop and implement in-clinic and home-based programs to help children maximise life.


The Mouthworks Team is here to help

early childhood intervention team

At MouthWorks you have access to a whole team of caring professional Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Music Therapists and Dieticians who work together to ensure sure your child gets the best possible care. Everything you need all under one roof!
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​Occupational Therapy for Adults
MouthWorks have occupational therapists who are experienced in working with adults in all settings. Everyone needs help sometimes that's why our caring Occupational Therapy team is here to help you re-establish balance and control in your life to live it to the fullest.

  • Wheelchair Prescription
  • Basic Home Modifications
  • Independent Living Assessments and assistance
  • Assistive Equipment prescriptions
  • Functional Needs Assessments
  • Rehabilitation
MOuthworks can lend a hand with...
  • Functional needs assessments
  • Powered mobility assessments
  • Basic and complex home modifications
  • Seating reviews and recommendations
  • Wheelchair prescription
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Injury management


Meet the Mouthworks Occupational Therapy team

Heidi Smit

Manager - Occupational Therapy

Aasha Williams

Occupational Therapist

Jessica MacLean

Occupational Therapist

Margaret Wong

Occupational Therapist

Holly Smith

Occupational Therapist

Ashlee Marano

Occupational Therapist

Dominique Hewat

Occupational Therapist

Mouthworks are Mobile!

Did you know that the Mouthworks team can come to you? Get in touch to learn more.
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