Come out of Hibernation with some Spring Treats!

Spring has sprung - How to enjoy food, sunshine and socialising the healthy way.

For us Tasmanian's, the fact that summer is near is reason enough to celebrate! Along with the heat, the warmer months often bring the desire for refreshing foods and increased social gatherings. For many, it can be hard to couple social gatherings and healthy eating – especially when catering for a group of people. So here are some tips for serving up tasty food that everyone can enjoy.

Did someone say cheese platter?!
Platters are a particularly popular way to enjoy a picnic in the sun with friends. Follow these tips to boost the nutritional value of your next platter!
Add some vegetables

- Why not try cutting up some vegetables (e.g. carrot, celery, cucumber, capsicum) into sticks and enjoy with your favourite dips instead of crackers.- Have a go at making your own dips – many dips, especially avocado based ones, don’t actually contain much of the foods it is designed to taste like. So why not try making a homemade guacamole, hummus or roasted potato/carrot dip to increase your veg intake. - Some tomatoes never go astray on a platter – cherry tomatoes can be particular tasty and convenient due to their small size.

Add some fruit

- Is there anything better than some fresh fruit on a warm day?! Try adding some of your favourite fruit to the platter – some popular choices include berries, pineapple, apple, rockmelon and watermelon.

How to spruce up your salads – the healthy way!
When suggesting people aim to eat more salads – many complain that salads are just plain boring and not filling enough. Well here’s some ways to add some life to your salads!

- Add some fruit a Fruit?! In a salad?!’ – yes, it can be a surprisingly tasty addition. Some common fruits include sweet green apple (e.g. granny smith), pineapple, currants/raisins, and oranges.

- Add some nuts a nuts are good source of healthy fats – walnuts, almonds and pine nuts are the most popular varieties. Try a small sprinkle of nuts with your next salad.

- Add some protein a this is what is going to help keep you fuller for longer – try adding some lean meat (e.g. chicken breast, tuna/fish, roast beef etc.), eggs or legumes/lentils for a meat free salad.

- Add some carbohydrate a there are plenty of healthy ways to include some carbohydrate in your salads – this could mean adding some rice/quinoa, couscous, or even some roasted potato/sweet potato!

- What about dressing? A healthy salads don’t have to be dressing free – just try to aim for an oil based dressing such as a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar or a squeeze of fresh lemon/lime rather than selecting a cream based dressing such as mayonnaise.

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